The field day

24 Jan


An aerial view form a press helicopter of an agricultural  field day where Dr Elmo Maggott (in brown hat) is speaking on a major breakthrough in blow fly sterilisation research

The Henty Beak Competition

21 Jan



The Henty Beak Competition for Hens over 10





Got nasty

When the heats on

13 Jan


“Look. heat is manageable. One of the things we do is spread our wings which helps you lose heat. You can open your beak and do some panting or gasping.  It also helps you keep cool.Something to do with the lungs. Never looked into it.  Some like to squat close to the ground. Scratch a bit of a hole to get the cooler soil. Its all pretty simple really. And then…well you’ve just got to soldier on. There are eggs to lay!”

Woman in a Kimono

9 Jan


IMG_0174                   Knowing my love of found objects a friend returned from a  North Queensland holiday with two gifts – a sea shell and a layer of shell from a dead turtle. I decided to put the two together

Some Humour

7 Jan

A little humour. Well…they made me chuckle  making them



Little Creatures and a Collage

20 Dec

A friend gave me an old accordion which was beyond repair. I dismantled it and used the elements to make some little creatures




And a collage

Landscape and Seascape

16 Jun


This silent land– strips of rusted tin found at an abandoned mine


 The wild sea– strips of metal found in something that looked like an air conditioner


24 Feb

Granite Lands
Tin Thicket  Fence

I am influenced by observations of nature, not just those that I dwell on, but those images  which I am unaware that I have noticed that go into storage in the subconscious. In making the Tin Thicket Fence I was possibly influenced by images of waving grass .