2015 interview with Sophie Masson after win in below competition

Thunderbolt Prize Winners: Tony Sevil, winner of the New England Award


Me with my wonderful partner Elspeth


My son Ned who died of cancer in 2010 age 30

Tom and Lou

Ned’s best mate and brother, my elder son Tom and his partner Lou who live in Melbourne


Ned’s partner Anna

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  1. joan mason February 1, 2013 at 2:25 pm #

    Dear Tony, I love your website. Chris has just shown it to me. I am practising on the laptop. I love the photos of you, Ned, Tom and Lou and Anna. Best photos I have seen of each of them. Could I please have a copy of those photos? I would love to put them in frames. I love that photo of Ned better than any other I have seen.
    I will now regularly check your website (if I can remember how to)
    I love the pictures of your art. Take care lots of love Mor Mor xxx00

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